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Mama Russia, here I come!

Updated: Aug 15, 2018

Last August in a steamy Tel-Aviv day, my good friend and studio neighbor Jenya Merman introduced me to Natalya Polenova.

Then BOOM!

Out of the blue, after a wonderful talk and a moment away from the heat of the city, we decided I'll be participating in the Polenovo A-I-R program in spring 2018!

So here we are, spring has arrived and I've packed my bags. On the way to Polenovo Museum for three months.

Tel-Aviv ---> Moscow
Flying High

This Blog will be a sort of diary/recorder/stage of my time at Polenovo. full of thoughts, connecting dots and a perspective into this time of perhaps a meaningful and strange adventure.

Elinor Sahm landing in Moscow
Russia-Birds eye


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