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And now, Brazil.

From one side of the world to the other. Crossed the atlantic and flipped sides with the equator. Curitiba, Brazil, We Are Here!

A little story of chain of events:

Last November - Nimrod Sehayek, Michal Roth and I had exhibited together our performative act; 'General Health Care', with the conducting of our one and only, curator and love, Tali Kayam. It was a crazy project that naturally and immediately called for the next step. And so, we started brewing our next performance installation project.

Thanks to Tal Rosen (go see his show in Jerusalem Artist House that is opening soon!), Tali got to know Eduardo Amato and after a brief chat it was clear for both sides that something wonderful is on it's way.


Michal Roth and I are in an artist residency at Soma Gallery in Curitiba, getting ready to show our new work at 'Sabra' Festival for contemporary art, Brazil + Israel.

We have been here for more than two weeks already and only now I am at a point where I'm able to stop for a moment and write.

It has been some really crazy time, with everything new and tasty and weird and exciting and strange amazing.

A portrait of the Blind and Beautiful Bento and two people.

It's hard to describe this place and experience... But there is one thing that I can say as clear as the sun - The people here, they are the true view. The best welcoming in the world. So much love, happiness and joy. it's unimaginable. I'm totally in love.

'Night Pharmacy'

As I wrote before - this trip is about the continuation of our last project , 'General Health Care', 2017.

As you can see in the following images, we have arrived to pharmacy heaven!

Strange fruits

*The middle monster is called Chuchu (pronunced Shooshoo). It has no taste of its own. flavoured by things around it kind of like Tofu.

GREY GREY City... Foggy days in Curitiba town. Apparently, not because of winter or bad luck. The city is very grey in general, much like London.

Got my mind blown at the studio of Antonio Wolff and Andre Mendes.

Genius Tony Camargo at Muma Curitiba (installation view!)

That was a little taste

just as a starter

The best is yet to come


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