1986 Born in Jerusalem.

Lives and works in Tel-Aviv and Berlin.

A member of P8, artist-run gallery, Tel-Aviv.

Manager of the printmaking workshop at Shenkar College, Multidisciplinary Art Department.



2019 -‘Socially Engaged Art Projects: Community and Participation’, online course by Node center, with Stine Marie Jacobsen.

2016 - Critical writing studies with Osnat Zuckerman-Rechter, Academic college, Jaffa.  

2015-2016 - Advanced studies in architectural 3D illustrations, Totem 3D animation, Tel-Aviv.

2009-2013 - Bachelor of fine arts BFA, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem.

2012 - Student exchange program, UDK- Universität der Künste Berlin, Germany.

Solo exhibitions:


'The Bell Has Rung But The Queen Is Underwater"', Tel Aviv Artist Studios', Tel-Aviv. Curator: Eitan Buganim. 


'Lumos Bulbous', Polenovo museum, Russia. 


'Lucida', 'First Station' project gallery space, Jerusalem. curator: Ayelet Amorai Biran. 

Selected group exhibitions and projects:


"Clear Air Flora", large scale mural at Giv'on square, Tel-Aviv city center. (Public)


'Nurse Nurse', The 11th Manofim Jerusalem Contemporary Art Festival. Curators: Lihee Shulov and Rinat Edelstein.

'The Collectivists', Group show at Tel-Aviv Artists' House. Curator: Orly Hoffman. 

'Hamekarer 3', Hamekarer, Independent art space, Tel-Aviv. Curator: Iris Pshedetzki. 

'Night Pharmacy', Hansen house gallery, Jerusalem. Curator: Tali Kayam.


Exposition 'Polenovo Artist-In-Residence program' , Atelier Véron, Paris.

'Night Pharmacy', 'Sabra' festival for contemporary Israeli and Brazilian art, in association with Biennale Curitiba. Curator: Tali Kayam. 
'Fresh Paint 10', Contemporary Art Fair, Artist Greenhouse, Tel-Aviv. Curators: Raz Shapira Feinberg & Yifat Gurion.
'Cardoon and Cynara' installed and performed at 'Aloe Vera' exhibition, Villa Gallery for Contemporary Art, Jerusalem. 
curator: Tali Kayam.



'General Health Care', Illustration week, Hanut gallery and Nimrod Sehayek's studio, Tel-Aviv. curator: Tali Kayam.
'Southern Lights', art and light festival, old city, Be'er Shevacurators: Ronen Najar, Yasha Rozov & Ivry Baumgarten.

Limner gallery, Hudson, New-York. curator: Tim Slowinsky.



NightLight TLV, art and light festival, Neve Sha'anan, Tel-Aviv. curators: Yasha Rozov & Ivry Baumgarten.

#HAPPINESS, "Yellow Submarine" Zik gallery, Jerusalem. curators: Mor Daniel & Alexandra Levina.



'Copy Paste', Art E Zahen, InDNegev music festival, Mizpeh Gevulot.

'S-I-Z-E', Zik group project space, 'Yellow Submarine', Jerusalem. curator: Eden Wiseman.



'Alone Together', BFA graduate exhibition. curator: Talia Keinan.



Residency and workshops:

2020 - GlogauAIR, Berlin. (Upcoming)

2019 - Barbur B&B, Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem.

2018 - Soma Galeria AIR program, Curitiba, Brazil.

2018 - Polenovo A-I-R Program, Polenovo, Russia. 

2017 - 'Non-Toxic printmaking workshop', Capileira, Spain. Program by Grafisk Eksperimentarium.


Press and publication:


"Nurse Nurse",  Harama magazine, issue #28, April 2020. (Heb)


"Nurse Nurse",  The 11th Manofim Jerusalem Contemporary Art Festival catalog.

"The Bell Has Rung But The Queen Is Underwater", Review, Ouzi Zur, Ha'aretz. (Heb)

Interview on Portfolio (Heb)

"Night Pharmacy", interview on Portfolio (Heb)


'Nefach', poetry and drawings, artist book in collaboration with poet Moran Dayagi. 


2020 - Rabinovich Foundation of arts grant recipient.

2019 - Tel-Aviv municipality's "Special Projects In Arts" in collaboration with Rabinovich Foundation of arts grant recipient.

2018 - Mifal HaPais Council for the Culture and Arts grant recipient.





© Elinor Sahm